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Published on 03 May 2019

Let’s talk about Piadina romagnola today, one of the greatest treasures of our land of Romagna!   ​The piadina from Romagna, also called...

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Sweet Salt from Cervia
A true excellence of Romagna

Published on 28 March 2019

Do you know the sweet salt of Cervia? Cervia salt is called "sweet" because it contains a limited amount of so-called "bitter" salts, such as ma...

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What’s new in 2019
Order the picnic basket!

Published on 13 February 2019

Would you like to spend long days at the beach or go hiking out of town? Order the picnic basket, inside you will find plenty of delights that wil...

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Eliseo Hotel is proud to be part of the Small Q...
10 years of human warmth, friendly hospitality and “Small Quality Hotels”

Published on 20 December 2018

For years I have been looking for an association that, as well as representing and protecting me as an hotel manager, could also share my idea of h...

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​Two food bloggers in Casa Eliseo
Anna Maria Pellegrino and Monica Cesarato has visited Nonna Violante

Published on 07 February 2018

Two food bloggers in Casa Eliseo? Oh yes, you have read it right! Today, Monica Cesarato and Mrs Anna Maria Pellegrino, President of AIFB...

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70 years…yet we don’t feel them!
A long history of friendship, passion and true hospitality

Published on 17 January 2018

Dear Friends and Guests of Hotel Eliseo,   Next summer Hotel Eliseo will celebrate its 70 years of activity, an ambitious anniversary that m...

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Let’s discover the hinterland
…in which you’ll fall in love!

Published on 04 January 2018

Romagna is a precious land that offers its most curious guests picturesque landscapes, ancient villages, castles, and natural landscapes by which G...

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